My rhythmscapes are inspired by my life experiences.  They are painted with transparent watercolors on handmade papers.


Rhythms of the process of creating are constant as well as ever changing. 

Omnipotence is present in these rhythms like a friend.  When I retreat to my studio to paint, I carry this friend with me. 

Working with them, the fluidity of transparent watercolor on handmade paper parallels the seen and unseen, known and unknown, foreseen and recalled qualities of subject which emerge during the painting process. 

Each painting comes from within linking me with the past and future.  

Each is a deliberate engagement with all that is mysterious and beautiful.

Gallery of Selected Works

Barbara Martin Smith, MFA

Watercolor Artist of WATERCOLORSMITH

Barbara's work has won numerous awards in various art exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally.  Barbara is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

All works represented here are rectangular. Some works are available for purchase while most are already in private collections.   New works are being created.

Please reach out in the form below for a private viewing, purchase or commission request. 



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